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Specialty courses

At our dive centre you can also enjoy other formations like the specialty courses:

Enriched Air Specialty PADI (Nitrox)

The Nitrox course can be done in one day.

This course is a one day course. You will learn how to plan your dives with enriched air, check your tanks and write all the information on a “fill log”. Is the perfect course for all of you that always put safety first.

To take this course you must be a PADI Open water diver certified (or equivalent)

Course price: 135 euros

PADI Digital Underwater Photography specialty

Now days, a bug number of us own a digital camera, even in our cell phones!!!

You probably don’t have an underwater housing for it, but you have your own digital camera and for sure you would love to know how to use it underwater to bring home, your best memories!

In this course you will learn the basics to take beautiful pictures underwater. If you don’t have an underwater camera, don’t worry! We will lend you a camera to make sure that you practice and enjoy the course at it’s fullest.

For this course you need to be PADI Open water diver (or equivalent)

Course price: 150 euros

PADI underwater Navigation Specialty

If you struggle to know where you are, where you come from and where you are going: this course if for you!

In this course we will teach you how to navigate underwater and improve your skills with your compass but as well using natural references in each dive.

You will keep this skills forever, and dive stress free, saving air and always finding the boat!

For this course you need to be PADI Open water diver (or equivalent)

2 days course.

Course price: 150 euros.

PADI Deep Dive Specialty

The Deep Diver course, will allowed you to go a little bit further in your Diving life.

You want to see deep reefs and deep wrecks? This is for you!

As well, if you are a traveller, you must know that in some countries, Deep Diver specialty is a prerequisite asked by the dive centres to go beyond 18m.

To take part in this course you must be an Advanced Open water diver or equivalent

2 days course

price of the course: 150 euros

PADI Wreck Specialty

To dive on a wreck is like diving on history!

As well after years underwater the wrecks become an artificial reef making slowly an habitat for many species.

For this course you need to be PADI Advanced Open water diver (or equivalent)

2 days course

Course price: 150 euros

PADI Oxygen Provider Specialty

Every time you are diving you need to know how to take care of the others.

A good way to do so, is learning how to provide Oxygen in the unlikely event of an emergency.

In this course you will learn how to connect and disconnect the O2 kit, how to administer the oxygen 4 different ways and how to be a safe and responsible diver.

For this course you don’t need to be a diver

1 day course (dry course)

Course price: 120 euros

PADI dry suit specialty

You dream to dive all year around, but you don’t want to get cold?

You want to get yourself a dry suit, but you don’t know if you will know how to use it?

We will teach you how to dive in a control and safe manner using a dry suit and enjoying your diving even in cold water!

1 and a half day course

Course price: 135 euros

PADI Night Dive Specialty

Do you want to see all the creatures that sleep during the day?

Enjoy the mystery of entering the see when is dark? To realise how beautiful the colours become and how alive is the sea at night with the light of a torch?

You will learn this and more with this course, and you will become an addict of night diving.

For this course you need to be PADI  Open water diver (or equivalent)

3 night dives

Course price: 135 euros

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