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Assistant Instructor

What is the PADI Assistant Instructor Course?

The AI course (Assistant Instructor Course) is design for PADI Divemasters or equivalent from any other organisation (Dive Con SSI, Dive leader FEDAS, etc…) to go further in there diving career or simply to start there career in PADI. In this course you learn about how to teach within the PADI System:

a) Knowledge development presentations
b) confined water presentations
c) Open water presentations
d) PADI standards and procedures
e) And what specialty courses an AI can teach and how to do it
You will learn all of it and more in a very practical and structured course.

Why Ametlla Diving Centre and Miguel Angel Medina?

Miguel Angel is PADI Master Instructor #979913.
Since 1989 he is involved in the diving world. He worked in different locations and diving centres before opening his own (Ametlla Diving) in 2008.
He is as well FEDAS Instructor ** and DAN, even if, since a while, he only teaches PADI courses.
He mastered the art of teaching recreational Diving courses, as well as EFR and AED courses and specialised in more technical courses like Gas Blender.
In this last few years, he has formed over 500 divers and he is actually one of the Instructors with the best reputation in the Costa Dorada.
He willput at your service all his knowledge, not only for you to pass an exam, but for you to become a successful and knowledgeable Assistant Instructor and carry on in you dive education with al success.

What documentation do I need?

You will need a medical certificate from the last 12 months, that say: Allowed to Dive, 3 passport pictures, a copy of your certifications cards (if you are NOT a PADI Diver), a copy of the last 3 pages of your Log Book.
You will need, as well, a proof of CRP primary and Secondary Care from the last 24 months (If you don’t have an EFR certification).

What are the dates?

  • 9 to 12 of February
  • 30 of March to 2 of April
  • 5 to 8 of October
  • 9 to 12 of November

What is exactly the price of the course?

The AI course is divided in 4 parts:

  • Course price
  • PADI fees
  • Students materials
  • Acommodation

Course Price
The AI course is 400 euros


PADI fees

The PADI application fees is 73.80 euros, that can be paid by card (on your application) or by bank transfert to PADI.


Students Materials

You will read underneath the information about the student materials needed for the course.

All candidates MUST have: own Pocket mask, RDP and eRDPml. If you don’t have your own, please check below.



The accommodation is NOT included, but we can book for you an hotel, apartment or the preferred option of our candidates, a shared bungalow at the camping.

What student materials do I need?

The student materials you need for your Assistant Instructor Course are:

  • PADI Instructor manual (If you did your DM a few years ago, please don’t forget to download the new version)
  • IDC crew Pack: Guide To Teaching, OWD, Rescue and Dive Master exams, Instructor Specialty CD Rom, CUE Cards for OWD course (Confined waters and Open waters), Adventures in Diving, Rescue and Dive Master and PADI bag Pack.
  • Pocket mask
  • eRDPml
  • EFR Instructor manual (if you want to become an EFR Instructor)
  • OWD, Adventures in Diving, Rescue and DM manuals
  • Encyclopaedia and “Diving Knowledge workbook”


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